We have established agents around the world partner system.


    We have established agents around the world partner system.


    We put our customers and quality in the first place, we provide customers.


    We are a professional manufacturer. Have 20 years of sales and technical experience


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Beijing Jinhengwei Technology development Co., Ltd. (Brand “AHANVOS”)  is professional manufacturer in the design,research and development of Electrosurgical Generator and accessories.
Main products:HV-300 series and HV-400 series High Frequency Electrosurgical units and accessories such as:Monopolar ESU pencil,Monopolar ESU plate and cable;Two Button Footswitch,  Bipolar Forceps and cable and etc,also the Smoke Evacuator for the Leep surgery.
Our company established in 2000,we have one team of experienced technical staffs and professors in this field,which makes our products passed by European CE0434,USA FDA(510K),ISO 13485 and ISO 9001. AHANVOS is dedicated to provide the best quality and reliable machine to the customers,our aim is to become one of the leading manufacturers for Electrosurgical unit.



Where are our Business range:So far we have established prosy agent systems in Algeria, Egypt, Iran, South Africa, India, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian Countries. Also in the Middle East and South America. We have a partner and a large number of customers.

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