• Subject: Diathermy

    Subject: Diathermy

    Introduction: Recent investigations involving medical devices have brought increased attention to medical diathermy equipment. This ITG has been written to give those who are unfamiliar with high frequency electrical therapy equipment a fundamental knowledge of diathermy...
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  • Electrosurgical Units

    Electrosurgical Units

    The electrosurgical unit is a surgical device used to incise tissue, destroy tissue through desiccation, and to control bleeding (hemostasis) by causing the coagulation of blood. This is accomplished with a high-powered and high-frequency generator that produces a radiof...
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  • Do vaccines work against variants?

    Do vaccines work against variants?

    1) Do vaccines work against variants? The answer to this question lies in the definition of the word “work.” When vaccine developers set out the conditions of their clinical trials, they work closely with regulatory authorities, such as the Food and Drug Administration (...
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